About Huatl: 

The made up word Huatl derives from the Aztec language Nahuatl. I chose this name due to my Aztec roots,  but also because what is marketing without seeking from within. I personally found my identity embracing my origin story; but what's yours? Our desire is to help you find your "why", so your customers can not only leave satisfied, but inspired. 

Francisco Balseca




Our team

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Francisco Balseca


Founder & CMO



David Saenz




Karina Lozano

Product photographer

We are a group of artists trying to tell stories through our God given gifts. As a team we are committed to giving our best so your brand makes an impact in Los Angeles.

More about
the team:


Francisco Balseca

-B.S.  Marketing

-B.A  Latin American Studies

-Experience in consulting for over 3 years

-Expert on incorporating culture into a brand

-Specialist in consumer behavior

-Outside the box thinker

David Saenz

-B.F.A Cinematic Arts production (Directing concentration)

-Directed and produced short films for Azusa Pacific University anual film festival

-Filmed promos for independent streetwear brand in Mexico

-Loves basketball and is always down for a "carne asada"


Karina Lozano

-B.A  Studio Art

-Food, street, and portrait photographer.

 -Experience with prop stylist work.

-Enjoys painting, or making rugs in her free time.