Enjoying Fast Food

What We Do:

As food service consultants, we strategieze marketing plans to increase and diversify your clientele, plus develop content for social media ads.

Market positioning consultation

-Market research report which includes: 

-SWOT analysis of competition and client.

 -We find the necessary data to take a marketing direction for your business, and implement these strategies with an aggressive business plan.

-After the market research is done, a detailed report is presented with necessary actions in order to increase and diversify clientele, and the content (not included) that needs to be created (photography, videography, posters).

1 Week


Growth​ package

-Market research

-Photography or Videography.

-Ads (Facebook or Instagram)

(Ad space included in final price)

-Graphic design work

Call to ask for details.

1 month plan




Penetration and positioning


-Market research

-Photography and videography

-Ads (Facebook and Instagram)

(Ad space included in final price)

-Email campaign 

-Graphic design work

-Printing costs

Call to ask for details.



4 month plan